Cassandra: Insert fails for consistency level “Quorum” (Unavailable exception)

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Cassandra: Insert fails for consistency level “Quorum” (Unavailable exception)

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We get an error "cannot achieve consistency level QUORUM" (details below) in following configuration: Two datacenters with 6 nodes each, all nodes on same rack. It works when CL is set as "Local Quorum".

Basically, as far as we use consistency level that require cross DC consistency, it fails to insert data. "Nodetool status" command shows that all 12 nodes are up and running.

What can be wrong? Your help is much appreciated! Thanks Dimitry

CREATE KEYSPACE test6 WITH replication = {'class': 'NetworkTopologyStrategy', 'C entralUS': '3', 'EastUs': '3'} AND durable_writes = true;

INSERT INTO glsitems (itemid,itemkey) VALUES('1', 'LL');
cassandra-driver-2.7.2\cassandra\", line 3347, in result
raise self._final_exception
Unavailable: code=1000 [Unavailable exception] message="Cannot achieve    

consistency level QUORUM" info={'required_replicas':  

4, 'alive_replicas':3, 'consistency': 'QUORUM'}