Cassandra based web app benchmark

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Cassandra based web app benchmark

Marko Asplund

TechEmpower Web Framework Benchmarks ( is a collaborative effort for measuring performance of a large number of contemporary web development platforms. Benchmarking and test implementation code is published as open-source.

I've contributed a test implementation that uses Apache Cassandra for data storage and based on the following technology stack:
* Java
* Resin app server + Servlet 3 with asynchronous processing
* Apache Cassandra database (v2.0.12)

TFB Round 10 results are expected to be released in the near future with results from Cassandra based test implementation included.

Now that the initial test implementation has been merged as part of the project codebase, I'd like to solicit feedback from the Cassandra user and developer community on best practices, especially wrt. to performance, with the hope that the test implementation can get the best performance out of Cassandra in future benchmark rounds.

Any review comments and pull requests would be welcome. The code can be found on Github:

More info on the benchmark project, as well as the Cassandra based test implementation can be found here: