Connecting Cassandra with Pentaho

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Connecting Cassandra with Pentaho

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I am doing an use-case with the Community edition of Pentaho and Cassandra. (Connecting Pentaho with Cassandra DB)
I installed Pentaho Business Analytics - successfully.. and connected to locahost. localhost:8080/pentaho. In the DataSources (Manage Data Sources) I can see MySQL, Postgres, etc. But my objective is to connect with Cassandra DB with Pentaho.
Pentaho suggested to use Pentaho Spoon - Data Integration. Installed Pentaho Spoon Data Integration successfully and connected Cassandra with that. I can visualize the Cassandra Schema in Pentaho Spoon.,etc.

Now I want to visualize the Cassandra Data in Pentaho BA Server. Can anyone help me to connect with. (I tried adding database using JDBC too. doesnt seem to be working).

And also, from the pentaho documentation, I can view the services and status in Pentaho web : List the services that are running: http://localhost:9080/pentaho-di/kettle/listServices List the status of the service: http://localhost:9080/pentaho-di/kettle/Status
Thanks in advance.