Test on load balancing policy with datastax java driver

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Test on load balancing policy with datastax java driver

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Dear All,

    I’m doing some experiment on load balancing policy of Cassandra (version 2.1.8) and I’m using datastax java driver (version 2.1.7). Basically, I want test the reading and writing latency or other performance metrics (I’m not sure which more could be available. If possible, could someone give me some hints?), using different load balancing policies. The default policy should be tokenaware wrapped with dcawareroundrobin. However, there’ll be more like latencyaware and roundrobin. I know dcawareroundrobin and roundrobin are suitable for multi-DC and single DC. I’d like to know how to combine different policies to get different results. Currently I’ve deployed Cassandra in Amazon EC2 in single region and multiple region. And I’ve used maven to work on java driver on one of the ec2 instance and write different number of rows, ranging from 1000 to 10000, 1000000, 1000000 with the default policy. But I don’t know how to wrap different policies.

    Anyone could give some hints?