write timeouts when saving a big object

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write timeouts when saving a big object

Alexander Shutyaev
Hi all!

We have a problem with cassandra. We're getting write timeouts when saving a big object. The object size is approx. 30 Mb which is big but not enormous as (if I'm not wrong) cassandra can handle up to 2Gb in theory. We tried increasing write timeout but that didn't help - 10 minutes that we set were not enough. Maybe there is something wrong with our settings? Our setup is as follows:

- 4 nodes with cassandra 2.1.3, oracle java 1.7.0_80, 8G xmx (16G of ram per server)
- replication factor 3

here are pastebin-s with our configs and etc:

effective process command line: http://pastebin.com/FNgcztm0
keyspace and table schema (data is stored in table physicalversiondata, column data): http://pastebin.com/sWhp4PUk
cassandra.yaml (other config files are left unchanged as per datastax installation): http://pastebin.com/ZsPRCVJ7

I can provide any other information if required.

Thanks in advance,